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Welcome to Main Street Photo - Video !

We offer a wide variety of visual services including:

Located just west of Sooner Fashion Mall in Norman, OK, Main St. Photo-Video is a locally owned Photo-Lab and Portrait Studio. We also offer a wide range of video services ranging from basic transfers and editing to full blown production.


Our Professional photo-lab offers a wide range of film and digital services including digital printing, large format, scanning, restoration, color, BW and 120 film processing, custom greeting cards, calendars and much much more. Unlike many big box store photo-labs we take the time to correct each image we print. Also unlike many places which make you stand at a machine in the noisy market our Digital Kiosk offers you a calm peaceful environment to sit down at to sort through your memories. Stop by and enjoy a free freshly ground cup of locally roasted coffee and experience the difference!
In addition to our lab and portrait services we also carry a wide variety of frames, albums, film, BW photo supplies, used cameras, greeting cards and much much more!